1 Day Course 10am - 4pm

- Online The Guild theory course for Manicure OR Pedicure AND Gel polish application

- Health, Safety & Hygiene legal requirements

- Anatomy & Physiology

- Practical demonstration

- Mastering nail shapes and thorough cuticle work

- Live demonstration of gel application

- Application of French & colour on a model (provided by the student)

- Safe gel removal

- Aftercare

- Business tips including pricing

- How to take the best photo to compliment the hands

With this course you will receive a kit worth £85 to take home with you which will include:

The Gel Bottle rubber base and top coat

Cuticle oil

The Gel Bottle file and buffer

Gel lamp - SUN UV (manufacturer of The Gel Bottle lamps)

Once the day has completed you will be required to complete 2 case studies to ensure your work reflects the confidence you will leave with. This will only benefit you by providing the highest standard gels possible.